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Check back this summer for more info on our autumn theme!

What do we accept?

Visual Art

This includes paintings, collages, sketches, digital art, photography, photography of a traditional piece (ex: embroidery, textile work, sculpture, etc).


This includes poems, short stories, plays, scripts, articles, editorials, etc. 

If you have something else unlisted that you would like to contribute (ex: music, a short film, a curated playlist), submit it anyway! We'll see what we can do. Digital media can always be featured in print as long as it is something we can generate a QR code for.

You are absolutely welcome to submit more than one piece for review, but please divide your pieces into SEPARATE submissions unless your work is all part of one collection (ex: if you are submitting multiple different poems, please only submit one per application unless they are all part of the same collection).

Please be sure that all work submitted ties back to the central topic and theme of "Renewal"! Feel free to take a look at our mood board to get inspired, and if you have any hesitance on whether or not your piece fits the theme, just submit it anyway! We'd love to see it either way. :)

NOTE: We are currently only accepting works from applicants who are 18+!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us if it is not listed under our FAQ!

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What's our Spring Theme?


Rebirth. Revival. Rejuvenation.


Our identities and relationships to each other as Femmes and Butches have given us all of the above, and more. We’ve been renewed through both love and heartbreak, and we’ve burst through gloomy wintertime into Spring and its hazy dreams– frolicking in green fields, a mirage of florals and stone statues with fountains of water at their base, sweet songbirds and fluffed ducklings… 


How have you been renewed through your femmeness? Your butchness? The butchfemme community?


The 2nd edition of Beloved is centered around these questions. We can’t wait to see your answers! 

Get inspired!

Submit Your Work!

Please submit your short stories, illustrations, films, poems, collages, photography, drawings, textiles, paintings, songs, flash fiction, sculptures, embroidery, and any other forms of art and writing to by March 15th. High quality images for visual art and docx/PDF/Google Doc files for writing are strongly encouraged.

Our zine is an A5 print if you would like to plan any sizing accordingly!

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