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Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of work do you accept?

Any kind of art and any kind of writing! Some examples include: illustrations, prints, paintings, digital art, photographs, embroidery, 3D/ sculpture, plays/scripts, poems, short stories, editorials, journal entries, letters, etc. We're even open to digital works like short films, music, and curated playlists. Any digital media can be featured in print as long as it is something we can generate a QR code for! 

Is this zine exclusively for Butch4Femme/Femme4Butch work or is Butch4Butch work allowed as well?

Butch4Butch content is not only welcome, but HEAVILY encouraged!!! ButchFemme as a culture could not exist without Butch4Butch relationships, it's an incredibly important history and we want to see that reflected in this zine as much as possible! Above all else, this zine is about butch and femme IDENTITIES. And while the two go hand in hand, that does not mean all work must feature them together!

Is this zine only for Butches and Femmes or can people who identify differently be featured too?

This is a zine ABOUT Butch and Femme identities. It is in our title, branding, and nearly every post. You are more than welcome to submit work about either of these identities without being apart of the community yourself,  however please keep in mind that we will be prioritizing submissions from those who identify with those labels. We are not a lesbian/sapphic/WLW art & writing zine, we are a Butch & Femme art and writing zine.

Can I remain anonymous if my work is selected for the zine?

Absolutely! There's a section of the application that asks for a credit name, and you are more than welcome to put down a pseudonym or simply write "Anonymous" However we do ask that you include a real email for your contact, so that we can let you know if we choose to feature your work!

What happens to my piece after you publish it? Is it still mine?

Anything that you submit will still be YOUR work! We are simply providing a space for your work to be showcased with dozens of other amazing pieces all under the same theme. To ensure that your work is protected, we will be collecting signatures from all accepted applicants on a contract stating exactly how we will be featuring your pieces! That way, there will be no confusion or fear when it comes to keeping your work as yours.

Does my submission need to be romantic?

Absolutely not! You don't have to write about past relationships, you don't have to paint your partner. This is a zine about butch & femme identities and while they are inherently linked, we also encourage pieces that are more "self reflective" in nature, if that makes sense. We want to see what these identities mean to YOU regardless of whether or not somebody else is involved in your interpretation of it. Tthis zine is as equally about the gender identity aspects of BuchFemme as it is the relationships of ButchFemme :)

Will there be digital copies available for those who cannot order a physical copy for safety reasons?

We want to make this zine as accessible as possible and know that not everyone is in a living situation where they can have something like this delivered! So we will be selling digital copies at a discounted rate, and will hopefully have a handful of digital (printable) merch as well.

Will you be shipping internationally?

Yes! Though please keep in mind that if your address is not formatted correctly during check-out, your order will be cancelled and refunded. 

Do you offer refunds?

We are a very  small team at the moment (as in we currently only have one person on shipping/production), so we are unfortunately unable to offer either returns or refunds at this time. We can make exceptions for cases like the wrong address being used during checkout or the wrong sizes being bought, as long as you contact us before your order is packed and shipped! 

 We are also not responsible for lost or missing packages after they have left our care, since missing packages are an error on the postal service’s behalf rather than ours. Again, we are a super small and volunteer run group and don’t have the funds to offer refunds on situations that we have zero control over! But if we have the time, we’d be more than happy to work with the post office to try and get ahold of any missing packages if there is anything that can be done on our part! :)

How will contributors be compensated?

There is nothing we would love more than to financially compensate our contributors. But unfortunately, we are a volunteer run team and do not have the budget for this. At this moment, our staff isn't even being financially compensated! Most of us either work or go to school full time (or both!) and are actually losing money from the time we've invested in this project. But at the end of the day, it is more than worth it to us! The only way we would be able to compensate contributors financially would be by charging a submission fee, and the last thing we want is to put a paywall between creators and submitting their work. 

All contributors will receive a free digital copy of the zine upon its release, as well as a discount code for the rest of our shop. We are working towards the point of financial compensation and can't wait too get there someday! Your support means the world to us and puts us one step closer with every sale.

Is NSFW or erotica allowed?

Absolutely! We love to see it. All of our editions feature an NSFW section for any work deemed too explicit for the main zine. 

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