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Beloved is an art and writing zine dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Butch and Femme identities! With over 200 total pages of art and writing, we could not be any more excited to launch our third issue, centered around the theme of "Flesh".  An assortment of exceptionally talented Butches, Femmes, and Studs have provided us with heaps of heartwrenching art, showing us how their touch, devotion, and consumption embody their ButchFemme identities and desires. Our pages range from the beautifully grotesque to the downright macabre, and we can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into each and every one!


Please note that this issue of Beloved contains graphic material both in a horror and erotica sense. You can learn more about the content of this issue here if you are concerned and would like to check before downloading!

Beloved: Issue #3 (Digital)

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