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Our Nectarine Tote is the perfect way to subtly showcase your identity! With a double venus postage stamp just big enough to catch the eye of fellow members of your community, what could be a better vessel for carrying your things from place to place? This 14 by 15 inch tote bag is made out of heavy canvas material and comes with full side and bottom gusset for support and durability. Perfect for carrying your things about!


Note: items currently pictured in shop are merely mock-ups and may contain slight differences in appearance upon manufacturing! We will update these photos as soon as we receive physical versions post-preorders.

Nectarine Tote Bag

  • NOTE: This item is still being manufactured!

    Orders will not be sent out until every single item in your order has been put together! This means that if one of the items in your cart is a pre-order, the order will not go out until all items have been manufactured and are ready to send! We currently only have one person handling shipping, so fulfillment times may vary.

    Our shipping rates are according to USPS standard.

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