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Five 4x6 matte postcards perfect for displaying on your wall or sending in the mail! Avalon’s four postcards depict three different cowboy couples (Butch4Femme, Stud4Femme, and Butch4Butch), along with a beautiful illustration of a fistful of Texas Bluebonnets. Ripley’s postcard depicts a transmasc Butch injecting a t-shot with the caption “Self-Made Cowboy”.

Southern Lovin' Postcard Print Set

  • Expected to ship within 1-2 weeks! Our shipping rates are according to USPS standard.

    Please note that orders will not be sent out until every single item in your order has been put together! This means that if one of the items in your cart is a pre-order, the order will not go out until all items have been manufactured and are ready to send! We currently only have one person handling shipping, so fulfillment times may vary.

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